Alireza Gholami

Designer & Developer

I make creative & usable things since 2005 to help people have better experience in using products and save their time. Also, I'm spending 3 years as a teacher. I design & learn all the time and share daily notes in my blog. In love with music, nature and coffee.

Now I'm in Tabriz, Iran and spend time on

  1. - Full-time Freelancing
  2. - Reading books and articles
  3. - Learning more about high-end techs in my field.

Yep, I write daily notes in

Some of them:

  1. - L2A Latin 2 Arabic alphabet converter.
  2. - HappyCard Design nowruz happy card in couple of miniutes.

These are personal projects. If you want to see my portfolio, checkout my linkedin & dribbble profile.

Be comfortable for contacing me by email, I've rather this way & check it everyday.